Hello world…

and welcome to Apropos Something.

If you’re reading this post, it’s either because this blog is very new, or you’re a very determined sort of person who likes to start at the beginning of things.

This is mostly a blog for me to exercise my writing muscles. Ever since I’ve graduated from college I have pretty much been “not a writer.”  I may have dabbled in writing in college.  I may have even been moderately successful at it.  But much like the college athlete who settles in to a nine to five routine, my writing abilities have fallen by the wayside.  They’ve gotten flabby on cheap beer and microwave burritos.


Am I describing myself or my writing abilities?

Anyway. In order to recondition my once strong way with words, I’ve started up this blog.  The goal will be for me to add a post Monday through Friday based off of writing prompts. 500 to 2,000 words worth of mental excrement.  Because let’s be honest, that’s what it’s probably going to be for a good while. Shovels of letters onto a mental midden heap.

I’m not stressing over perfect grammar. I’m not stressing over plot holes. I’m not even stressing over whether the words make sense. So, if, in the words of the esteemable Spider Jerusalem, you give two tugs of a dead dogs cock about those things, it might be time to move along. The entries are going to be pure and unbridled.  They will not be endlessly revised.  They’re just going to be there for me to work at making better words. Words that are less mind filth and more mind-mildly-disheveled. Thanks for reading.


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