One Lousy Cup

Monday Morning

Bob had slept through his alarm. Rather than waking up at 6:30 A.M. he had woken up at 7:45. Because of this he’d missed both the 7:15 and the 8 o’clock trains downtown from the station. He had to catch the 8:45 instead. This meant that he hadn’t gotten downtown until about 9:15. His favorite coffee stand, which he was normally in line for at a reasonable 7:20 was already out of it’s limited stock and the vendor was pushing the cart away from his office building and up the street by the time he arrived. His day did not improve from that point. At least he could look forward to his coffee the rest of the week.

Tuesday Morning

Bob did not sleep through his alarm today. He was waiting for the 7:15 train to pull into the station. The split-flap display showed it as on time up until the point where it pulled into the station at 8 o’clock. It was only then that the board announced the train as delayed. Bob and all the 7:15 and 8:00 passengers crowded the trains to get on. Unfortunately for Bob, he was the last passenger to get off. By the time he got up to the coffee cart in front of his office, the attendant was forced to apologetically let him know that they were out of coffee, but would he like a scone instead? Bob did not want the scone. He sulked into his office scone-less and coffee-less.

Wednesday Morning

Bob was awake well before his alarm at 6:30. He was already fully dressed and at the station to take the earliest train into the city. He wanted to make sure he received his cup of his favorite coffee today. There’s no way that he could go three days with such rotten luck as to not be able to get it. He sat smiling to himself imagining the rich, nutty flavor of the fresh ground beans. The stimulating feeling as the caffeine helped to erase the drowsiness of the early morning and transform haggard people into fully functioning adults. As he stepped out of the station into the city a drop of rain splashed onto his forehead. Soon many drops were pelting him. Within a matter of seconds the smattering of drops became a deluge. When Bob arrived at his office completely soaked, he saw the coffee stall turning the corner as the attendant hurried to get out of the downpour.

Thursday Morning

Bob sat in the taxi at 3:00 A.M. He was going to arrive in front of his office building well before the coffee stall today. He’d be there when they arrived at 6:00 A.M. He was certain to get the delicious elixir that way. As he stood in front of the office building, a police car passed by. Ten minutes later it passed by again. It continued to pass until finally it stopped in front of the office building and two officers got out. They explained to Bob that he couldn’t loiter in front of the building. Bob explained, politely at first, but then more exaggeratedly that he was waiting to be certain he got his cup of coffee. As the coffee stall attendant wheeled the cart up to the building, Bob was being taken away by the two angry officers.

Friday Morning

Bob gave up on ever tasting the sweet brew that he used to love again. So on Friday morning, he arrived at his normal time. He didn’t even think to try to stand in line. He merely trudged his way up to the front door of the office. Some frantic waving and calling from behind him caught his attention and he turned to see one of the new friends he’d made in the holding cell the previous day holding two cups of coffee. Apparently his lamenting the coffee had led the man to be curious and show up early to get a cup. The man had thoughtfully acquired one for Bob as well. Just as Bob was about to take the first sip of his favorite coffee for the entire week, Hero-Man came rushing by at nearly sonic speeds. His pursuing shock-wave knocked not only Bob’s cup of coffee out of his hand to spill onto the ground, but completely overturned the coffee vendor’s stall as well. Bob, once he regained his senses, vowed to become Villain-Man and to not rest until Hero-Man was done away with for good.

Apropos of: This Prompt (I’ve also shared it with the subreddit for the first time, so it’s posted there as well)


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