1 A. B. (After Bomb)

Mar. 29th, 1 A.B.

I don’t really know if it’s March, but it’s cold and rainy, and I haven’t seen snow for what feels like a long time now. I found this notebook and some pencils in the shopping center a few days ago. It’s been too lonely. No one to talk to. Everyone’s still afraid of anyone, won’t even get close. I’ve just been wandering up and down the seaboard looking for any place where people weren’t paranoid and afraid. I can’t blame them. Nobody has any problems shooting someone just for a can of beans. At least I have this notebook. It helps.

Jun. 15th, 1 A.B.

I made it up to what’s left of Atlantic City. I’ve been camping on the beach. Managed to catch a seagull. It was the first fresh meat I’ve had since the fish I caught in down in what I think was Florida. It’s hard to tell without all the interstate signs and it’s too dangerous to follow the interstates to know where you’re going. Too many gangs that’ll kill you as soon as look at you. I might make it as far as Rhode Island before I start heading back down. Don’t want to get caught up here for the winter. Warm clothes are hard to come by. Fuel for fire is harder still. It’s getting dark, and I don’t want to burn anymore driftwood. My attract unwanted attention. I’ll write more later.

Oct. 28th, 1 A.B.

I miscalculated when it was. I’ve updated by my nearest count.  There’s already a chill in the air. I ventured closer to the interstates last week. It was reckless, but I was desperate. I hadn’t eaten in days. I managed to find a Stuckey’s that hadn’t been completely picked clean by other wanderers. It was right off the interstate, I was lucky that I didn’t run into any roving groups.  Even luckier that I found a jacket that has helped ward off some of the chill. Most of the food was mouldy or taken. I did find a bag of peanuts that was only half bad. Nabbed a couple of twinkies also. It’s not true what everyone says. They don’t last forever.  The creme inside had almost dried completely up. There were no beverages left in the place. But the toilets had water that looked mostly clean and didn’t taste too badly. Now I just have to get further south before snow hits.

Dec. 12th, 1 A.B.

I made a mistake. I traveled south until I hit water. It wasn’t a freshwater lake I could skirt around and continue south. It’s the ocean. I’ve been following the coast back up and heading west as the coast allows. I stopped back at the Stuckey’s and refilled my canteens. Managed to grab a map too. Surprised more people haven’t grabbed maps. We can’t rely on the internet anymore to tell us where to go, so the map is really useful. I won’t make it far enough south by the time the snow hits. It’s been getting colder. I’m pretty sure there’ll be snow any day now. I hope I don’t have to burn this to start a fire.

Apropos of: This Prompt

– Crouse

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