Rather than doing a new piece of fiction today (because none of the prompts I’ve seen are speaking to me and I don’t have a piece in mind for the Tales of Arathania) I’ve decided to give all of my lovely readers an update on what I’ve been working on. That’s right readers. You’re lovely. All of you. Peak behind the curtain as I reveal to you why updates happen so sporadically.

Apropos Something: Year 1 is eating up a majority of my time. You may be wondering What in tarnation is Apropos Something: Year 1. Long story short, I’m going back through all of my fiction posts from last year. I’m expanding in them into full length short stories. In most cases, this is a long process, taking a 500 word snippet and expanding it to anywhere between 2,500 and 7,500 words. After I’ve expanded it, I have to set it aside and then come back to it to revise for errors and consistency. So far I have about 2 stories that I’m satisfied with. What am I doing with these stories? Rather than shilling them out to magazines or websites with the intent to earn some money off them, I’m going to compile them into an e-book. I hope to have it all finished by the end of this year. So there’s that.

If you’ve been enjoying the stories tagged “Tales of Arathania” then there’s some good news for you. Those are essentially back story to a novel that I’m working on in between revising old blog posts. I’m not very far into the initial draft yet, but I think it has promise. Rather than jumping around between view points like I did on my previous attempt which I threw into the trunk, this one follows a singular viewpoint. Research into various subjects so that I can treat them with respect in my writing is also taking up time, exemplum gratias: the Thunderbird from native american mythology and my blog post “Wings Like Lightning.”

So there you have it. That’s what’s been keeping me from updating like a clockwork writer automaton. Thanks for your understanding, look for some new fiction this Friday.


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