New Fiction Tomorrow.

Got caught up in administrative stuff with regards to Apropos Something today, so I didn’t get around to a new fiction post. You’re all heartbroken, I know. You’ll notice a link to a Facebook page and twitter. Now even more ways to see that I haven’t updated!

I’ll be putting up a new piece of fiction tomorrow to make up for the lack of fiction today. Today, however, you’ll get me rambling about what I’ve been reading. The lack of reviews has probably been very noticeable. The longer I go about what I’m doing, I realize more and more what I really want to do with my own swatch of the internet.

I’ve been reading Malus Domesticus by S.A. Hunt and A Crown for Cold Silver by Alex Marshall. I’ve been jumping between the two depending on my mood. A Crown for Cold Silver has been winning. Hunt’s horror novel isn’t bad, it just takes a bit of time to get the engine revving. Crown does the same thing, but I’m more forgiving of it in an epic fantasy. I’m also really enjoying the allusions to various metal bands. Another nice thing is that each chapter really builds on previous chapters. It’s a really enjoyable read.

That’s all for now. Remember: new fiction tomorrow!

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