The Tusk Tribes

For The Eyes of His Most Royal Majesty Only

Your Grace,

It is my intent with this report to deliver unto you an honest and reputable report of the indigenous tribes that populate the Arathanian continent. Colloquially, many of the men have taken to simply referring to them as the Tusk Tribes. Although a harmless name for the peoples of this land, I find it for the most part erroneous despite the fact that some men seem to use it almost like an honorific.

In our survey of the coast, our crew has not found a suitable harbor that was not also inhabited by tribesmen, either sparsely or densely the latter being a more frequent occurrence. Along the southern coast the tribes tend to be more packed. This is no doubt due in part to the mildness of the clime. Unfortunately, these tribes, apparently having had contact with any one of our neighboring kingdoms due to the presence of steel in their possession, have become hostile to outsiders. My predecessor learned of their hostility first hand when he debarked from the ship in order to make contact. No sooner had he set foot on shore than a group of men, for that is all they were, mere men, albeit of a darker complexion and much more savage than any of the Gods fearing men that one might find within your illustrious kingdom.

Our expeditionary force lacked both the men and armaments to risk a further incursion into those wilds and it is my abject opinion that we leave the area, hospitable as the environment appears to either the Carjilliens or Vargoths. May they have much luck in taming such a savage land. Judging it the best course of action, we followed the coastline northerly.

The crew was still stricken by the mildness of the winter as we progressed further north. True, there was a bite of chill in the air that had not been present along the coast in the south, however the temperature remained such that none felt the need to huddle over a burning fire to ward off illness. Viewing the coastline as we progressed, I was able to spot several settlements of the tribal natives and can confirm that they are not the monsters that have been made out to be such larger than life foes by previous expeditions.

By the time we had progressed to about 43 Bars North the weather became much more like the winters the men were accustomed to. I granted the men extra rations of brandy to keep up morale as I tried to find the truth behind the rumors of the Tusk Tribes. I’m pleased to say that my diligence in the matter paid off spectacularly. In the northern portion of the continent, there are indeed upright walking beasts that dot the coast in small tribes. They resemble nothing so much as the beasts of burden traditionally by the savages in our colonies in the Argan Peninsula.

By my best estimates, these beasts, while lumbering on their hind legs, stand half again as tall as the tallest human. They possess muscles that hint at their brutish strength. Their tusks appear to be made of ivory and grow to great length. Where they differ in over all appearance from the Argan cousins is the shaggy fur that covers them from head to toe. I find it immediately obvious where the misnomer of the “Tusk” tribes began when I espy these beasts. They don’t appear to have a general intelligence from what I could spot through my spyglass. It is my firm belief that we could subjugated them given the proper manpower and they would serve as an excellent workforce in growing the economy in the Arathanian colonies.

I’ve sent this letter ahead, so that you might consider my assessment before I return to your glorious court. It is my hope that you will grant me more ships, men, and weapons in order to tame this land from the 38th Bar North to the northernmost tip of the continent. Until I may return, I remain your faithful and humble servant.

In Honor of the Gods,

Capt. Cornelius Franck

Apropos of: Arathania

Decided to try a little epistolary format this time around. Hopefully it works.


2 thoughts on “The Tusk Tribes

  1. Nice worldbuilding. I like this format a lot for story telling. I like that sense that you have a biased narrator who is trying to build the narrative for himself by explaining it to another.


    • You’d probably enjoy Snakewood by Adrian Selby then. It’s all in sort of a found document style. It didn’t shape up as nicely as I wanted over all, but it was a fairly interesting story.


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